If you are interested in planes, the Pima Air & Space Museum is the right place for you. It is a beautiful destination with planes, helicopters, rockets, and spacecraft on display. There are multiple hangars to explore, as well as many more planes to see outside.Courteous staff schedule regular tram tours to talk to people about the aircraft. The museum also provides classes for children of all ages to learn about the subject of planes and rockets.

Some of the classes they offer are How Things Fly, Imagine Rockets, and a Make ‘n Take Model Airplane, where you actually get to take a model plane home with you! The classes are on Saturday and class times vary. The teacher changes every class and the subject switches every weekend. Remember to sign up early so you are sure to get a spot.

I attended the class, How Things Fly, where I interviewed the instructor, Chris Welborn. In this class, people learn the science about how planes work. The important topics include the difference between yaw, roll, and pitch, how airfoils work, the laws of energy and motion, and how the different types of engines affect plane performance. The class uses many experiments which students get to take home so they can remember facts about rockets and planes.

According to Welborn, The Pima Air & Space Museum has a very fascinating history. It started out as a boneyard, which is a storage place for military aircraft so the government wouldn’t have to throw them away. This location in Tucson was picked because of the climate here, which keeps the planes from rusting. 

Over time, so many people came to see the planes that some of them were put in a special place to make it easier for the public to see them. This was the beginning of the Pima Air & Space Museum.

If you are interested in learning about airplanes and history, I’m sure you’ll find The Pima Air & Space Museum a fun and educational way to spend your day.

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