Teachers in Arizona Are Seeing Red

On Monday May 2, teachers and families from Tucson went to Phoenix to march on the Arizona State Capitol. On Tuesday, April 24, several TUSD schools had Walk-Ins. A walk-in is when teachers and families walk around the perimeter of their school.

Red for Ed means that teachers are marching so that they get paid more so they can give kids a fully funded education. They want money for all educators like art teachers, monitors and teacher assistants and others.

I spoke with Stephanie Pederson, a fourth-grade teacher at Borton Magnet School, at a walk-in Pederson says: “This means bringing respect to schools and making sure that kids have the best education.”

I also talked to Candi Carrell, art teacher at Borton, and this is what she told me: "This is to help teachers and students, to provide them with resources and funds for a better education.”

On Wednesday April 25, Broadway had a march called Paint Broadway Red. Everybody showed up wearing red with signs, supporting educators. When people honked they would cheer for them. On Thursday April 26 and Friday April 27, teachers walked out for the first time—they went to Phoenix to go to the Capitol and tell the Legislature and Governor Doug Ducey what they wanted and needed for public schools. 

Hopefully this problem will be solved soon so that future teachers will be able to get paid better and have the resources to teach better. 

Walkout Closed Schools

Have you heard of Red for Ed? This is teachers wanting additional funding for education. The schools are closed and the teachers are protesting because of low funding for education. 

According to a Vail educator, she marched in almost 100-degree weather with 75,000 other teachers to the State Capitol in Phoenix. Unfortunately, the legislature left for the weekend without coming to an agreement. Hopefully they will consider an education funding bill and schools will be open again with much needed resources. 

Being out of school makes me feel depressed and sad that we might have to make up more school time after Labor Day. The teachers walking out is probably the best way to gain attention to help solve this problem. However, all we can really truly do is call our legislators, hope for the best, and support our schools and teachers.

Arizona Teachers Speak Out!

As you probably already know, teachers have decided to walkout to the Phoenix City Hall to protest. Well, this is because teachers want more funding towards student’s education and a higher pay. Multiple schools have closed down, too, and won’t open until this walkout ends. 

Teachers aren’t the only ones walking out and protesting either—many people are showing support and wearing Red for Ed shirts. During walkouts and gatherings (protests) by buildings, cars have even honked too to show their support. 

What is Red for Ed even about you may ask? Well, teachers are protesting for higher pay than what they have. Arizona teachers are protesting for a higher raise than what they get. They are pushing for a 20 percent raise. Arizona is in fact ranked one of the lowest in the nation for average teaching salaries. Not only are teachers pushing for a raise, Red for Ed is also pushing for proper school funding for students and better classroom instruction. 

On Friday April 27, over 50,000 teachers and supporters marched downtown in Phoenix, Arizona, to protest. Teachers and many supporters went to the State Capitol to chant and protest. In order to do this many schools in Arizona closed down until this walkout was over. The teachers did get an offer of a 20 percent increase in their pay by 2020, but that didn’t include all demands. Teachers and supporters will continue to walk out and protest until they get everything they rightfully deserve. 



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