Learn About Autism

I have an older brother named Taylor who is 13 years old. When he was 4, he was diagnosed with high functioning autism. 

Autism is a neurological condition that deals with the brain. According to Autism Speaks, one in 68 kids are diagnosed with autism. Boys are more likely to have autism than girls.

Some things are harder for my brother than they are for others. Focusing is harder for him. He gets frustrated and stressed easily. My brother says it is easy for him to learn something when it is interesting to him.  

My brother Taylor has had to have a lot of therapies over the years. These include occupational therapy, speech therapy and music therapy. These help him develop skills that come easier to other kids.

In school you might notice some kids with autism. These kids might have a special teacher with them, or wear headphones during loud events. They might have things in the classroom like a wiggle seat. They might not talk as much, or hold eye contact.  

April was Autism Awareness month. If there is someone at your school with autism, be a friend. Include them in games. Also, don’t be shy to ask questions. Just remember everyone is different!

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