My brother Max and I interviewed Donna DeConcini, who co-founded and currently directs the Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank. It all started when her daughter, Margaux, worked in a feed store and a lot of people came in to see her and find out if they had any food to give away because they couldn’t afford food to feed their pets. The mother and daughter team decided that they should make an organization to help people get free food for their pets.

In 2014, Donna and Margaux opened the SAAFB out of their garage, and bought animal food to give out to people in need. Then a lot of people started to donate food to help the food bank and it finally got too big for their garage.

DeConcini says that there were so many people wanting to help that they were able to open their organization with no problems. They have a store now, where they sell lots of unique and neat things and the money goes to the food bank. It is a nonprofit organization, in the Monterey Shopping Center near Bookmans.

Working in the food bank, DeConcini’s most important job is to help people get food for their animals who need it the most. Today, 27 people work or volunteer at SAAFB. Ever since the pandemic started, they have given out 12.5 thousand pounds of animal food!

When I began interviewing DeConcini, I was a little terrified and afraid that I would mess up, but after a few minutes, I felt confident about myself.

If you can’t afford food for your pet, please go to Southern Arizona Animal Food Bank! And if you’d like to help out, please go check out their cool gallery at 6252 E. Speedway Blvd., where you can purchase pet supplies, art and home decor. You can also drop off animal food to donate. The SAAFB is a great Tucson organization!

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