Young Scientists Thrive at SARSEF

In April, SARSEF held its 63rd annual Science and Engineering Fair at the Tucson Convention Center. About 95,000 students from southern Arizona competed to be a part of the fair and 2,117 projects were displayed at the fair. Only 10 percent of the projects displayed received awards. 

During the awards ceremony, Jeremiah Pate talked about the projects he completed throughout the years and how SARSEF helped him to become the scientist he is today. In first grade he studied the most effective way to make paper airplanes. He completed a project for SARSEF every year from first grade through high school. During his final year in high school, Jeremiah decided to make his last project special and discovered a cure for Parkinson’s disease in fruit flies. He was inspired because one of his friends died of this disease. Jeremiah received first place at the International Science and Engineering Fair and was asked to attend the Nobel Awards Ceremony due to his project. Students can learn from Jeremiah Pate’s example of how to become a scientist.

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