In 2018, Lily Brown and Tait Hansen won the Young Inventors Challenge with their game Betcha Can’t! The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is held every November, and is open for ages 6 to 18. In order to compete, first you must design a prototype for your idea and make a pitch. Then, during the fair, present your product.

Betcha Can’t! is a game where you bet on how much you know. If you get bet on, you have to prove on the bet and say how many things you know that the players set for you to do with the topic on the cards, in a given time limit. However, if you lose the bet, you are no longer allowed to place bets until you win a bet.

My family and I have played Betcha Can’t, and overall it’s super fun. We found it to be an incredibly fun dinner game and the cards also have some great topics. If you use your imagination, you can make answers to the bets extremely funny.

One thing we did find was that it was easier to use phone timers than the provided one, but overall, the rest of the game is great and we really enjoyed playing it.

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