Composting. It's important and useful for gardening Compost is made up of different things we eat. But not just anything. To make compost you can use old fruit and vegetables, for instance beans, bread, apples, bananas, etc. You also need water to make compost.

Once you have compost, some of you may ask, “Why do I need it?” Well, compost is used for plants. When you add all the right food scraps, water and more, over time it breaks down and becomes a rich soil. The soil is then used to help plants. It gives them the nutrients that then help them grow strong and healthy.

In gardening club we also talked about what can’t be composted. Things like milk, cheese, meat, and ham. Those things can’t be composted because it attracts animals which leads to them to destroy the compost.

We learned how to compost by going outside to dump all of our food. On our composting day, we learned what other things can be composted. We were able to teach others about composting so they could do it, too. It’s hard, but it can prove helpful to plants.

(This program is coordinated by the Community Food Bank, working with Elvira Elementary staff and students to plant and maintain a future school garden. Starting in November 2019, students turned lunch leftovers into food for the school garden.)

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