Fly to New York, Non-Stop

Tucson has a new non-stop flight to New York’s JFK airport.

A non-stop flight is better than a flight with a connection because you don’t get stuck in a place that’s not your destination. The inaugural flight was on Oct. 7, 2016, and I was on that flight. Before I got on the plane, I got free giveaways like a water bottle, a bag, a statute of liberty crown, and a bagel for breakfast.

There was a singer that sang songs from the 1970s about New York. He is a football player for UofA and a singer.     

On the plane, there was a water arch, also called the water salute. This is where an airplane leaves the gate and fire trucks spray water over the plane when it leaves. It looks really cool!

The flight is about five hours long. “It depends on which direction you’re going. If you’re flying with the wind.  The pilots call it a tailwind and the wind helps you go faster.  But when you’re flying into the wind, they call it a headwind and it slows you down because you’re fighting the wind,” says Bonnie Allin, who is CEO (that means Chief Executive Officer) of the Tucson airport.

Tucson is hoping to make more nonstop flights. Washington, D.C., is the next city that they are trying to have as the next non-stop flight.

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