Pockets are such a necessity on clothes. We use them to keep our hands warm, keep our phones put away, or anything else that is needed to be stashed away for further usage. We all know pockets are amazing, what some of us might not know is that women’s clothing has significantly fewer or smaller pockets than men’s clothing does.

 The issue with the size or amount of pockets on women’s clothing is not a recent issue. In fact, this has been a problem for many years. It all starts from before the 17th century. Back then men and women had to carry a small pouch which contained their belongings. However,

after the 17th century men started getting pockets on their clothes while women didn’t. Instead, women had to carry a pouch around their waist under their petticoats.

By 1790 women’s pockets had completely disappeared so a female’s figure could be more apparent. That was the excuse paired with the fact that a woman’s husband  was supposed to carry around her  money. Apparently society deemed that a women could have numerous children to take care of, but she can’t take care of herself.

The 20th century was revolutionary for females’ clothes. The Rationalist Dress Society (founded in 1891 to call for less restrictive, more comfortable and useful clothing for women) finally was heard when the World Wars came around. Women were finally privileged with sensible clothes that had pockets. This only lasted for a little while though. After the wars were over, pockets disappeared as if they never came in the first place. Women’s clothes became slimmer and we continued to  carry handbags which, back then, were called reticules.

Now I bring you into the 21st century— modern day. Women finally have pockets! A point for the females...or is it? Are women and men having pockets really a symbol of equality when women’s pockets are so tiny they can barely fit their hands? If you don’t believe me, believe studies that have shown women’s jean pockets are significantly smaller than a man’s. Plus, why do we have fake pockets sewn into our clothes when men get huge real pockets in every pair of pants, khakis, or jeans they own?

Don’t misunderstand me, I love fashion. I just think that if companies are going to create a new Iphone every year which is used by men and women alike, then everyone should have an accessible place to keep that phone, or any other belongings they have. On the mission to gender equality we need to start small. What better to begin with than pockets?

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