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It's Time to plan for the Science Fair

Well, folks, do you know what time is nearly here? Of course you do—it’s time for the science fair! First, your own school will organize a science fair and then if your project is judged among the best, your project is sent to Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Foundation (SARSEF) Science Fair. You’ll know if you got into the science fair by late February and early March. 

Viviana Colson, a fourth grader, has won SARSEF for the last two years. She says that “if you love science, then enter your school science fair and you might have a chance to win!” You can check out the SARSEF website to get more information and to get ideas.

Viviana has great advice for kids. She says, “When I enter the science fair, I don’t go online and look for science fair ideas. Instead, I sit down and think about all the things that I love to do, like swimming or baking and then I try to make them into a scientific query which I can understand and do.” I totally agree with Viviana because if you go online somebody else has already done that project and yours won’t be as unique, which lowers your chance of winning. 

Always remember that science is fun! So, don’t get discouraged and keep trying again because when you win, you’ll feel awesome. Viviana says, “When I won I had no words for how good it felt to be on that stage and accept the prize and that’s how you’ll feel too.” 

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