Fidget Fun! School Bans Begun?

In many schools fidget spinners have become a massive distraction. This is why a new ban has begun at some schools! However many students disagree with the ban. 

Charles Pierce, a teacher at Sunrise Drive, says, “The ban against fidget spinners is very important because it is a very massive distraction.” Pierce adds, “I think kids aren’t following this rule because they are trying to push the teachers limit, they also want to see if schools are serious about the ban.” 

There have been reports that fidget spinners can cause injuries. But a big problem, according to Pierce, is that kids playing with a spinner do not pay attention—their attention is mostly on the spinner.

A lot of kids bring out their spinners in places like recess, after-school classes and bus stops. Pierce thinks that “students will bring out fidget spinners in places with less supervision.”

Some kids can’t wait until the end of the day to use their spinner. If they use it during class it distracts them and other students! This is why there should be a ban on using fidget spinners at school. The students don’t learn and nobody can focus. We hope more people will follow this rule after reading this article!

NO! The fidget spinner ban is unwanted and unneeded. I think the ban isn’t needed because fidget spinners aren’t a big distraction! I have five fidget spinners, I think fidget spinners are fun to collect. I dislike that teachers don’t let kids use fidget spinners in school. This is why we should be allowed to use fidget spinners at school.  

-Jack B.

YES! The fidget spinner ban is a great idea! I don’t have a fidget spinner “Why do you just spin it? “I like the ban because kids should be punished if they disobey the school rules. They should follow this rule because no kid likes to get punished.  Fidget spinners distract kids and they get their work done last minute. This is why we should not be allowed to use fidget spinners at school.

-Emma K.


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