Ever wonder how to become a journalist for the Bear Essential Newspaper? I am going to share with you how I became a journalist. I recently attended the Bear Essential News Young Reporters Workshop at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU!

We began our day by learning about the different workshops we would attend and met important people such as the editor and mentor journalists from the newspaper. After that we got our shirts and took pictures for our press passes. Then we went to our first workshop. Thisworkshop was about learning how to do an interview. We talked about interviewing local celebrities and important people in our community. We learned the importance of quoting and getting facts.

Our second workshop was about sustainability in that workshop we learned about saving the earth and to not litter and thinking about ways we can write about this topic in the newspaper. When that class was done, we took our last class and it was about podcasts and audio. There we listened to an audio recording—we took notes about what we heard. We learned how important it was to tell a story with the sounds we hear in audio podcasts.

After that we went to an area where there was a big camera. This place is where newscasts are done on T.V. Everybody got a turn to go up to the microphone and say what the teleprompter displayed. I was the last person to say what was on the screen and I was nervous, but I did it anyway and found it to be fun!

At the end of the workshop they held raffles for an audio recorder and pop-sockets, and I won a pop-socket! It was so cool!

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Karen Golden