Your parents or grandparents may remember Ladmo bags, Call a Kid, Pet

Adoptions, kids in the audience and Wallace, Ladmo and Gerald on stage.

“The Wallace and Ladmo Show” was the longest running kids show in the

Valley, delighting audiences for 36 years with their sketch comedy.


The Wallace and Ladmo Foundation seeks to preserve, nurture and

continue the Wallace and Ladmo legacy, encouraging creativeness and

camaraderie in Arizona’s children. “What better place to do that than at the

 world class Phoenix Zoo which is dedicated to inspiring and motivating people

to care about nature and animals,” according to the foundation.


Linda Hardwick, Director of Communications for the Phoenix Zoo, says the

bench will serve as a multi-generational gathering place for guests of the Zoo

and fans of the show to reminisce about the iconic characters in a beautiful

and unique setting. The bench will be just off the Africa trail near the Zoo’s

 main lake. The area is known as Podd Ramada. Hardwick says, “It is a serene,

beautifully lush area with greater flamingos on one side and the Red Ruffed

Lemurs on the other.”


Jacque Duhame, from the Wallace and Ladmo Foundation, watched the

show religiously as a kid because it was funny and had cartoons.

“We looked to see if our friends were in the audience. My sister and I and

the neighborhood kids that would come over to watch the show together, would

argue over who is our favorite character, which changed every day. Of course

we all agreed we did not like Gerald,” says Duhame.

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Karen Golden