October Is Crime Prevention Month

What can you do to prevent crime? October is Crime Prevention Month.

Erika T. Johnson is a School Resource Officer in the Tolleson Elementary School District. Johnson is married and has three boys. Her dad was a police officer and she often went to work with him. He was also a School Resource Officer. Johnson says, “Many kids seem to actually need him as a supporting person in their lives.”

Johnson has been a police officer for 10 years. She and about 3,000 other Phoenix police officers will help with Crime Prevention Month.  Johnson feels crime prevention is important because “it helps keep people safe.” Johnson says there are a lot of crimes committed where those committing the crimes do not want to hurt anyone, but many times people do get hurt. Johnson says, “By working at a school, I can actually be more proactive rather than reactive to people committing crimes and having to arrest them.”

To help prevent crime, Johnson follows the laws herself and teaches others to do the same. Johnson says kids can help prevent crime by telling an adult as soon as possible when they see something wrong. Johnson spends time in the classrooms teaching kids about different laws and the reasons we follow them.

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Karen Golden