Former Young Reporter Makes the Big Time at CNN

I had the opportunity to speak with former Bear News Young Reporter Alexander Rosen, who has worked as a video producer at CNN New York for more than five years. He is originally from Scottsdale and studied at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication located at Arizona State University. 

Rosen started at CNN by running the teleprompter, studio floor directing, and, of course, making coffee. As a producer he edits videos and live shots in exciting places where you never know what’s going to happen. He has certainly come a long way from his Young Reporter days at Bear.

Rosen had a couple of cool stories he wrote for Bear Essential News. One was about the time he was dispatched to cover a fight night that Michael J. Fox and Muhammad Ali attended, and he got to meet the Village People (they sing the YMCA song). 

Another story was about meeting President Bill Clinton while he and his family toured the White House. What a break! He asked and asked until he was invited to a press conference the President was giving about Medicare. 

(Alexander Rosen as a Bear Essential News Young Reporter had the opportunity to ask then-President Bill Clinton questions at the White House. Photograph Courtesy of Alexander Rosen)

Rosen sat with the press when the President called on him for a question. He asked the President if he could get an autograph for his little sister! After the press conference, he got to meet him personally, got the autograph, and took a picture. “Persistence pays,”, he says. What a cool story! I asked what advice he has for kids today who want to pursue a position like the one he does at CNN. He recommends “being attentive in class” and “practice, lots and lots of practice.” 

His mentors were his parents who read the newspaper every morning and read a lot which gave him the passion to do the same.  They also encouraged him to be a better writer as well.  From the time he first picked up a camera in high school to what he does every day has been a lot of practice.  Holding internships like the one he had PHX-TV, provided amazing opportunities that as a college student would be very difficult to gain access to. He said he is always trying to get better and learn more as he worked. He also added that you should always show up, smile, and show that you are excited to be there, have your questions lined up, even just being a kid reporter.  The most special thing Bear News gave him was a press pass that opened a lot of doors for him.  Now, he keeps his CNN press pass at all times because you never know when news will happen. 

As a Young Reporter, I Googled him and found out he LOVES chocolate so I had to ask what his favorite chocolate bar is. “Crunch Bar”, he said.  I had fun interviewing him and he personally invited me to visit him at CNN in New York if I’m ever in town.  How cool is that!  Since I have never been there before, that will be a story that I can write and never forget. Thanks Alexander!

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