Kids Voting Forms Good Habits

Imagine making a difference someday by casting your vote today. Kids Voting started in 1988 as a way to create voting habits. Susan Nusall, director of volunteers and state coordinator for Kids Voting, says the program teaches kids how to vote, ballot issues and why it is important to vote. Nusall says the goal is to teach the process and increase voter turnout.

Joannie Collins, chief administrative officer for Kids Voting, says it’s important for kids to vote because they need to know they have a voice and use it.

Kids Voting works with schools, teachers and librarians. Students may vote in their classroom, library or computer lab. They also have the option of using paper ballots or voting online. Collins says polls open 30 days before election day, just like the real polls. Students register to vote prior to the election and will have an ID# for voting.

After voting, students receive an “I Voted” sticker. Collins says Kids Voting is for kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. She says many local libraries will also work with pre-K students. Candidates and ballot issues are geared for each age group. Collins says people can register online to participate in Kids Voting for their school or classroom.

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Karen Golden