It’s coming soon! Lots of weather change, wind, rain, flooding and dust storms are coming our way. It’s almost time for monsoon in Arizona.

Meteorologist Royal Norman grew up liking weather. “My family and I would go to the garage and watch the weather,” he says.

During the monsoon, our rain pattern changes and monsoons come from the south according to Norman. “There are 14 different monsoons in the world. There is a famous one in India,” says Norman.

Monsoon in Arizona is June 15 through Sept. 30. Norman says the desert heats up and there are 100 degree plus days along with wind flow changes. “That’s how we get more thunder storms,” he explains.

As far as predicting when we will have a monsoon, Norman says, “sometimes we don’t know when it is coming until it is close to us. We know what day storms are more or less possible. First it starts in Southern Arizona and then we wait to see if a storm develops and then follow the weather pattern.”

Monsoons mainly effect Mexico, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas and Southern California.

Norman says, “When you are outside during monsoon, be careful for lightning. There are a lot of sports in the summer and we never know when or where it will strike. Be careful for flash flooding. Every year washes flood and cars try driving through them. Be aware of your surroundings and watch the weather report. If you hear thunder, get inside."

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Karen Golden