Keep Your Smarts with The Kool School

I met Mr. Josh at my Mom’s work. He is the Director of the Legacy Initiatives Program. Mr. Josh is very cool! He has taught children in Africa, all over the world and the United States. I told Mr. Josh that I lived in Alaska which is one of the states he has never visited. I was there when my father was in the Army.  

Mr. Josh was born in Chicago, Illinois, and when he was younger he wanted to become an astronaut. Currently Mr. Josh lives in Arizona.

The Kool School is a video production that is written by Mr. Josh. I was given the opportunity to watch a few never-before-seen episodes, and I must say I was paying attention. The content was hilarious but at the same time I was actually learning! My favorite part is when Mr. Josh is playing the role of himself when he was a kid in school. It is hilarious! There are so many different subjects that you can watch and learn from easily. I recommend The Kool School to all elementary kids that are like me and have a hard time paying attention in class. It’s not hard to pay attention to Mr. Josh and the Kool School! 

Mr. Josh was very nice and he has the biggest smile! Mr. Josh says that any child with their parents’ permission can go online and watch the Kool School shows. Mr. Josh loves education and enjoys getting kids excited about learning. 

I Recommend the Kool School because in the summer kids tend to forget everything we learned all year—the Kool School is a fun way to keep your smarts!

Here are a few awesome facts about Mr. Josh: He went to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil to assist. He runs 10 miles at least three times a week. He is a strict vegetarian. He is not married, and he really would like to meet Oprah Winfrey.

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