Jane Camp is a retired teacher and the founder of Reading2paws. She goes to schools and gives kids free books and stuffed animals. Students read aloud to their stuffed animal every day.

Camp says, “Books were special to me and I loved to read. When I retired, I wanted to do something for kids. I volunteered and found out that many kids had no books at home. I started my charity. Some people gave me books to give out, others purchased books for me and some donated money to help.”

Camp had a dog named Brogan. She wanted to take him to class. The kids loved him. She would have the kids read to Brogan one at a time in the classroom. Students would take a stuffed animal home to remind them to read.

Camp feels that reading is the most important thing and the ability to read is the single most powerful tool a kid can have. “It makes them successful. It’s my passion and it makes me feel important that I can give them something that they will have forever.” Schools will schedule a time for Camp to come. A schedule is then created and the room is set up ahead of time. Camp explains the power of reading to the students. Students then choose two books and a stuffed animal to read to every day.

Camp says it is important for parents to read to kids before they are born. “The minute mama knows she is expecting, she needs to sit in a rocking chair and read. Certainly when baby arrives, she needs to continue reading. Even now, parents can read chapter books to older kids. Never stop reading.”

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Karen Golden