First Day of School Is One to Remember!

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten? Was it exciting, or were you nervous or anxious? Did you or your mother cry? Hopefully it was a great experience for you!

Friedrich Froebel started the first kindergarten in 1837 in Germany. It was very popular, beginning with a half day and soon becoming a full day, teaching children academics, and social interaction in a fun and educational manner.

Heather Morgan teaches kindergarten at Arizona Desert Elementary in Tolleson. Morgan likes working with kids and loves it when they begin to learn and understand.

Morgan was inspired by her sixth-grade teacher because she taught in a different manner and it was a fun year for her. Morgan has taught not only kindergarten, but first and second grades along with technology.

“Kindergarten is different from other grades because we make a lot more crafts,” Morgan says. “Because they have never been in school before, we learn rules and even how to use a pencil.” Morgan says it is very rewarding because she gets many hugs from the students and when they learn, their eyes are bright and happy.

A memorable moment for Morgan was when students were preparing for science fair. The students enjoyed playing with the items for their science fair exhibit. Morgan has even taught overseas in Africa and Sudan. She worked at a free school in Sudan where students came and went. Students sat on chairs and benches and did not have pencils or other school supplies like we do in America.

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Karen Golden