Money Management Gives Reporter a Real Lift

It took me a year to do it, and it was hard work, but I managed to save enough money to purchase a drone. 

My family in Minnesota and Arizona had given me some money for Christmas and my birthday. At the time I didn’t know what I was saving my money for, but I was saving up my money and it was really hard to not buy anything. I did different things to earn money. I helped my grandfather clean out his house and he gave me money. Before long, I had saved up $88. There were many times I was tempted to spend my savings, but I would talk myself out of spending it.

We recently took a family vacation to the Grand Canyon and I almost purchased a hat and another souvenir there, but I decided I wanted a drone more than souvenirs so I held onto my money.

My determination to save money paid off for me! I was looking at Black Friday sales and there was a Promark drone just waiting for me to buy it. The original price was $150, but the Black Friday price was only $100. I ended up getting the last drone in stock.    

I was proud of myself for saving the money and was so excited to try out my new drone. The next day I started calibrating my drone so I could fly it. I got the controller and pressed the auto take off. The engines started and it took off. It almost hit the roof but I grabbed the landing gear and shut down the engines. It’s been a couple weeks since I bought it and I don’t regret my decision to purchase it. 

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