Visit the Children’s Museum Tucson

Have you ever been to the Children’s Museum Tucson? If not, you should consider going soon. The Children’s Museum is amazing and is a very fun place for kids to play while learning something too. 

There are fourteen themed rooms at the museum and even though I liked them all, two were my favorites. The first is Bodyology which is a place where you get food off pretend trees food you shop for in a store and you even checkout and pay for. Bodyology also helps you learn about your five senses. 

Another of my favorite rooms is Investigation Station. While in Investigation Station you can put a fuzz ball or a scarf into a tube and it will come flying out above your head. Or you can jump on a tire and see how high you can get a ball. There are three skill levels, and you can even challenge your friends to see who will get the ball to the top first. 

There are many more rooms of fun and learning waiting for you at the Children’s Museum Tucson. 

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