This Camp Experience Was a Blast!

Being involved with Boy Scouts of America since 2006, you could say I’ve done my fair share of camping. Most of the time it involves lots of hiking, climbing, campfires and of course bug spray. When I found out my troop had an opportunity to camp at the NASA campsite at Kennedy Space Center, that peaked my curiosity.  

Our troop chose to sleep outside in a more traditional camp setting, however, it is possible for Scouts to camp inside the Kennedy Space Center under space shuttle Atlantis or the Saturn V Rocket!  

Our day began with a bus tour that took us to see the actual launch pads where rocket launches occur as well as the area where the vehicles are assembled. Once inside the Space Center there were so many exciting things to do such as checking out the IMAX theater which shows two 3D space movies or go to a museum to learn about former space programs and see rockets that have actually been to space. There are opportunities to talk with astronauts as well as discover what’s happening with current NASA missions.  

My personal favorite was a simulator experience that allowed me to actually feel what it would be like to travel to space. In addition, there were loads of interactive games such as discovering what it would be like to launch a rocket or dock and land a space shuttle just like an astronaut.  

This was definitely not a typical camping experience but it’s one I will remember for many years to come. 

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